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Editor's Report of FISHERS 24!

FISHERS Issue 24 (circulation 500) produced in January 1972

Editors' report


The FISHERS started off mainly as a Newsletter for the members of the English Sunday School in March 1970 - exactly 2 years ago. "This Newsletter serves the whole Sunday School…it is our sincere desire that members like you will contribute generously…knowing indeed we are serving the Lord in doing so…hoping that this Newsletter will be a form of witness for the Lord," wrote our editor in the 1st issue.

This aim has been more than fulfilled for although consisting of only 8 pages and a circulation of 60 copies, it promised much to come as the Lord chose to use it for His glory.


Throughout the months we are indeed thrilled and grateful to see the hand of God working mightily through this simple publication. Circulation has increased steadily. We at the editorial board are more than grateful to brothers and sisters who have so faithfully upheld this work through prayer, sending in of articles and contributing so unselfishly their time, talents to fulfill the many needs.

Articles have appeared under these various sections:-

1. THEME ARTICLE - an article on some of the pressing issues of the day.

2. FROM OUR PASTOR - a personal message from our pastor on some of his views, observations, recommendations and encouragements to the members of the Sunday School.

3. THE GOSPEL MESSAGE - presenting the simple message of Salvation.

4. TESTIMONY - an encounter with God and how a life is changed.

5. CHRISTIAN LIVING - encouragement and advice for effective and fruitful Christian living.

6. INTERVIEWS - presenting the views on some important questions being asked by young people.

7. WOMEN TO WOMEN - an article mainly for women for their particular interests.

8. NEWS AND NOTES - a report on the activities of the English Sunday School and a review of plans for the fellowship.

9. FISHERS QUIZ - a section to promote Biblical knowledge through quizzes and puzzles.

10. DIALOGUE - a sample of replies from our readers.

Since the 15th issue the 'Dialogue' section has brought in many replies from our readers expressing the blessings they have received through the reading of the publication. Two readers have made their decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and, we are sure, many have been helped. We praise the Lord for all these and pray for His continued blessings.


The need to have a media to present the Gospel and Christian teachings freely is always needed especially in this part of the world. We see the need of the FISHERS to go beyond the four walls of the church. A publication permit was applied for and granted by the Ministry of Culture and from the next issue an all-out effort will be made to spread the good news to the regions beyond.

We trust in God that He'll supply all our needs through faithful brothers and sisters in Christ.


--- The Editor---

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