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Footprints In The Snow

By Dr Dixie Chua
This autobiographical work is a moving testimony recounting God's wonderful grace in the author's life.

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It is also available in Chinese Simplified Version and Myanmar language

Many of you have read Footprints in the Snow – but do you know what
happened to Mrs Dixie Chua after that?
Here’s your chance to find out the ongoing grace and blessings of God in her life and the life of her family.

From Generation to Generation is a sequel testimony, and I am sure
those who were blessed by Footprints will be similarly blessed by Generations.

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Please feel free to distribute this especially to your non-Christian friends. A final chapter in the book explains clearly the Gospel by which one may come to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

What You Should Know About Attending Church Meetings

What You Should Know
About Attending
Church Meetings

Many factors can affect the spiritual life of a Christian. A Christian who attends church meetings regularly is likely to be in a better state than one who does not.

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