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Fishers 50th Anniversary

In this issue, we celebrate 50 years of Fishers

It all began very humbly with The Beginning of the Vision, but little did we know how God would expand the breadth of this ministry. Encountering Our Readers, Please Don’t Cancel the Subscription and From a Fishers Reader in France detail some interesting episodes in the history of the magazine. Trusting God reveals how the Lord is sustaining the ministry with new members joining the Fishers crew. It has indeed been 50 Years of Blessing.

Five decades feels like a marathon ministry in life, but it is only a brief spurt in eternity. A Layman Looks at Literature Ministry throughout the Church Age examines how God used the printed word to further His Kingdom worldwide – and we realise how minuscule our part is in this entire enterprise.

But it is an important part, for we have never taken our eyes off one of the most important objectives of Fishers through the years. It is Glory All the Way, Only If … reminds us of the centrality of the Gospel in all that we do; “For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not come to know God, God was well-pleased through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe” (1 Cor 1:21). And God’s Goodness to His Servants tells of God’s goodness and gracious provision to those who love and trust Him.

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Fishers; but more than that, we pray that you will be eternally blessed.

- The Editor

FISHERS 50th Anniversary Issue


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