The FISHERS 50th Anniversary

The Making of FISHERS

THE MISSION of the Fishers magazine is to present the Gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ and to promote Christian spiritual growth. Through the 50 years, 233 issues of the Fishers were published. Besides supplying the financial resources to print and distribute the magazine, God has provided faithful Christians to carry out the various steps that are involved in its publication.

“The Making of The Fishers” entails the following process. It is provided here so that you, our readers, can better understand what goes on behind the scenes. We value your prayers for this ministry.

The Editorial Team is ever mindful of the mission of Fishers. Each issue goes out with this objective. The Team plans and executes the publication process.

A theme is selected for each issue. This forms the basis for the articles. Every issue will carry the gospel, testimonies and articles on Christian living. Articles are mainly written by members of The ‘Fisherman of Christ’ Fellowship. The Editor-in-Chief will write the introduction “A Line from Us”.

Articles are vetted by a panel of Editors to ensure correct doctrinal teachings and taking into account religious, racial and cultural issues. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are also highlighted at this stage.

The selected articles are then passed to the Artists for layout and illustrations. A first draft is then ready for final check.

Final Check
The panel of Editors will review the layout and illustrations, and do a final round of proofreading to spot errors missed out during vetting and recommend areas that need further improvement.

The artwork is then outsourced to external printers for printing. Single-copy subscriptions are sent out directly by the printers. Multiple-copy subscriptions are handled by the Church members.

Packing & Posting
The printed magazines are delivered to the Church. Here members will pack them into the number of copies requested by the subscribers, affix address slips and stamps before dispatching them to the post office for posting. At any one time, 30-40 members of all ages would gather together to pack each quarterly issue.

From time to time, we receive letters from our readers regarding the articles in the magazine and questions of the Christian faith. These are followed up and they also provided valuable feedback on the ministry of the Fishers.

We thank God for supplying all our needs.

Chris Tay
- Chris is currently the advisor of Fishers.

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