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Fishers 232

In the Greek rendering of Col 1:13, the Apostle Paul referred the Lord Jesus literally as “the Son of the Father’s love”. He is the supreme object of the Father’s delight, the One in Whom the Father has infinite pleasure. And the Father has given Christ to the Church as her glorious Head. This issue of Fishers explores a few aspects of Christ’s greatness.

In Him All the Fullness of God Dwelt first describes various facets of Christ’s transcendental greatness, then contrasts it with His gracious incarnation as a Man in order to save wicked mankind from their sins. Leprosy of the Soul directs our attention to one significant demonstration of the Lord’s compassion in delivering sinners from the awful outcomes of their sins – even as He insisted on touching the leper while healing him. Looking Upward and Forward is about Jesus comforting His followers by teaching them how they can live victoriously while anticipating eternity in God’s house.

Believers should be amazed that God grants us the privilege of worshipping Him and living our lives for Him. I Discipline My Body and Keep It Under Control is one important element of living for Christ. Confession of a Mother deals with a crippling problem in parenting, and how keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, enables us to live in godliness. Two testimonies, Working and Living for God and I Will Never Leave Thee Nor Forsake Thee give witness to the joys and comforts of following Christ, and the enablement He grants to His people.

May Jesus Christ be praised!

- The Editor

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