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Death, Life, Judgment - these are three realities of life which we must seriously ponder while we are yet on this Earth. The eternal Son of God came into this world the first time as the perfect God-Man to live, to die, only to rise again; the second time He comes, it will be for judgment. We must be prepared for that. We tend to think that we are immortal, and that we have forever to prepare to meet God, but A River of Time sets our perspective right regarding our years here in this world. It will not be forever, there is an appointed time of judgment. Peace and Hope in God is the testimony of an elderly gentleman who is prepared for this.

This matter is urgent even for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have been charged with proclaiming Him to the ends of the world, Peacemaker reminds us of God’s heart and our responsibility in this, while Onward Christian Soldiers urges us to speak to God about men before we speak to men about God. All this while, God does His good work in us, as the reflective article Gardening makes clear.

Lastly, while we preach Christ, we also have to protect the Church. False Teaching is a sober reminder of the damage heresy can do, and how we can be on our guard against it.

- The Editor

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