This is the final notification.

Renewal of Subscription for the Fishers Magazine


Going forward, only subscribers who have renewed their subscription shall continue receiving copies of the Fishers Magazine. Please renew your subscription now. For those who wish to read the Fishers magazine online, you may do so at

For renewal please state:

Name*: Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms ______________________________

Address*: _________________________________________


Country: __________________

Postal Code: ______________

Email Address:


Subscriber Reference Number (found on your address label)*: ________________

Number of Copies of Fishers: __________

*You may scan/return your address label for our reference.

I agree that The ‘Fisherman of Christ’ Fellowship, its representatives or authorised interme-diaries may use the above particulars to send me publications of the Christian faith and/or contact me on the activities of the Fellowship.


_____________________     _____________________
               Signature                               Date

The above information should reach us through one of the following channels:

Mail to:
Fishers, 132 Margaret Drive, Singapore 149301

Fax to:
+65 6475 7658

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