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In the Old Testament, worship and service are almost synonymous terms. When a man acknowledges Yahweh as God, he gives his life over in worship of Him, and dedicates all his life in service of Him.

Servanthood introduces the different characteristics befitting one who serves the Almighty; while Serving in Love and Serving with Humility elaborate on two important attitudes we must have in His Majesty’s service. The measure of a faithful servant is in the quality of his submission to God.

Why should we lay down our lives and render such devoted service to God? The Parable of the Lost Sheep tells of a loving Saviour willing to seek and sacrifice in order to save us from our wretched lives and God’s eternal judgement.


Finally, God has not left His servants without help in times of their need. We can always call on Him in prayer. Why Pray Through God’s Word? teaches one vital aspect of coming before Him in humble entreaties. New Year is a puritan's prayer asking God to guide him as he launches into the unknown waters of a new year.


- The Editor


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