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The life of Peter is well documented in the New Testament, from his conversion to his calling, his moments of faith and his monumental failures, as a disciple following Christ, and later as an apostle proclaiming Christ. The Lord’s dealings with him throughout his life are a great encouragement to believers of what God can make of us despite our weaknesses.

A pivotal point in Peter’s life came at Jesus’ trial. Satan Sifting God’s People as Wheat describes Jesus’ warning of Peter’s impending failure, which he refused to accept. Hours later, he denied Christ, remembered the warning, and wept bitterly. The Tears of Peter, however, points out that this was not the end of Peter, but a trial to strengthen him.

God protects and preserves those who are His. The work of Christ on the cross is sufficient for our eternal blessing. Why was Jesus Forsaken by God the Father? tells us the price that was paid for this security; What God Commands tells us what sinners must do to receive this salvation; and You are Not a Guest in this Household tells us our blessed responsibilities after we have been redeemed. Finally, God's Grace is Sufficient for Me is a touching testimony of a Filipino lady who came to Singapore to work as a domestic helper but returned home to serve God fulltime.


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