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Just because God is the glorious Creator and man is a creature bearing God’s image, God is to be reverently worshipped as the Sovereign, while man fulfills his many obligations to God.

It all begins with an understanding of Who God Is – this second in a series of three articles on the theme God Commands All to Repent describes God’s wonderful attributes in relation to man. It is only insofar as we grasp His greatness that we find ourselves motivated to live to His glory, according to the Christian Duties and Incentives Scripture delineates. For many, one of the more difficult aspects of Christian living is managing our Relationships with Members of God’s Household – this final article in the series Christians and Relationships offers much encouragement for believers to love one another in the household of God.

Whatever difficulties we face in our walk with Christ, we do not face them alone. Casting All Your Cares Upon Him is a lesson to be learnt and re-learnt throughout our entire life. Two wonderful testimonies illustrate this powerfully – God’s Timely Providence, and God’s Grace Working Through Frail Vessels.


- The Editor


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