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Knowing Christ Jesus as one’s Lord and Saviour makes a radical difference to one’s life. Given what the New Testament teaches, this is what every Christian can expect, and should indeed look forward to.

In I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, the author paints an accurate portrait of the extraordinary Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The one who believes in Him is on the way to Heaven, he possesses the truth, and has eternal life. Based on Who Jesus is, life in Christ must surely take a very different turn.

I Have Enough illustrates this difference powerfully. The man of the world takes pride in his own accomplishments, and asserts, “I have enough, I have no need of anyone else, not even God.” The man who trusts in Jesus Christ says, “I have enough” in a very different tone, meaning, “I have Christ; nothing else in this world tempts or attracts me, for I find my sufficiency in Him.”


A personal testimony, God Transformed My Life, brings out this truth from an actual, real-life situation.

Not that life as a Christian is a bed of roses – by no means. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is often weak. However, the grace of the Lord Jesus extends to even catching the believer when he falls. The Difference Between a Failure and a Quitter brings comfort to every weak believer. Indeed, as the Apostle Paul says, “when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor 12:10).

One of the most important reasons why the Christian finds help in times of his need, is that he can always bring his needs and his weaknesses to God in Prayer.

Elijah’s Effective Prayer shows us how Elijah was a man of frail weaknesses like us, yet was able to accomplish stupendous tasks for God through prayer. Even in extreme weakness, when we do not even know how to pray, God helps us through His Spirit. God the Spirit – Our Divine Co-Intercessor explains this enablement of God’s grace in some detail.

Enjoy this issue, and be encouraged and challenged by the articles.

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