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Many want to “accept Christ” on their own terms, but refuse to surrender to Christ on His terms. They utter a prayer, walk an aisle, raise a hand, sign a card, or otherwise profess faith in Christ. But are they truly born again? Many who call Jesus “Lord, Lord” will hear His rebuke, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness” (Mat 7:23). Being saved is not a matter of whether you know Jesus, it is a matter of whether Jesus knows you.

Eternal Life in Christ examines what it means to come to Christ on His terms, and not make up our own for Him to receive us. We need to urgently disabuse ourselves of the rich young ruler’s errors. Indeed, we may wonder with the disciples, “who can be saved?” – to which Jesus replies, “with God all things are possible”.



And God is active in the business of saving sinners; we have two testimonies to His saving grace in this issue. Every Life is Extraordinary reminds us of the sovereignty of God who created us, and placed us each in our own unique place in the world. God’s Love Preserves Me recounts how God saved a young man not just out of depression, but out of damnation!

Once saved, we have to guard against The Profound Peril of Peace and Plenty. Disciples of Christ insist on having The Surpassing Value of Christ, and refuse to accept any worldly counterfeits for their soul-satisfaction. Finally, The Complementarity of Genders in the Creation of God continues a discussion from the previous issue of Fishers, giving practical guidelines on how Christian men and women can live out a biblical manhood and womanhood respectively – to the glory of our Creator God.

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