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“Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” (Rom 4:3). A sinner is justified by God not on the basis of any works he has performed, but on the basis of his belief in God. But what exactly is saving faith? And how does having faith change our lives? Faith in God answers these crucial questions. If you do not know Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, I would urge you to read this, as well as A Refuge in Times of Trouble carefully. Both explain how one may be forgiven of one’s sins, while God Watches Over Us all the Way is a personal testimony by a man who has experienced this forgiveness.

However, as intimated above, faith in God should also radically change the way we live. Be Spirit Filled concludes a two-part series describing what it means to let God have mastery over every aspect of our lives. Moreover, faith is contagious – it seeks to replicate itself. The one who has placed his trust in the Lord Jesus cannot help but bring others to Him also. Be a Faithful Witness for the Lord instructs us how we can do this well.


Finally, The Passover Foreshadowing the Lord’s Table invites Christians to renew their commitment to faithful remembrance of the Lord. Beginning with Old Testament Israel’s privileged participation in the Passover annually, this article draws out parallel blessings that believers have today at the Communion Service. The Lord is great, and has done marvellous things for His people. Gratitude, expressed in obedience, is an altogether appropriate response!

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