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The Gospel message is essentially a command by the high and holy God to “Repent and believe” – it is not an invitation to have a meek and lowly Jesus come into your heart to bless you with whatever your heart desires. So much of modern Christianity has turned this reality upside down, putting the sinner at the centre of the universe, and God beneath him to do his bidding. Against such a notion, God thunders in Isaiah 40:25, “To whom then will you liken Me that I would be his equal?” No one.

In every aspect of the Christian’s life, we should bear God’s unique greatness in mind. Regarding God as Holy is a reminder of how Christians should approach God each Lord’s Day for worship – not casually but carefully, not flippantly but fearfully.


Similarly, the preaching of God’s Word is to be received with a keen concern to be a doer of God’s Word, and not merely a hearer; Our Responsibility Towards the Word of God makes that clear. And it is out of that reverence for God that we are mindful of the weaker brethren in our midst.

Exercising Christian Liberty teaches about how Christians should restrict the full expression of their freedom in Christ out of godly consideration for other believers who may not hold the same convictions as they.

What Does it Mean to Believe in Jesus Christ and Prepare to Meet Your God are two articles written to help you share the Gospel. You may want to take these lessons to heart yourself before you speak it to others, or you may simply pass your copy of Fishers to your non-Christian friend.

Finally, this issue of Fishers contain two testimonies. He Made Straight My Path is the story of how a young man grew up in church, left it to pursue the world, only to be sought and won by the Lord’s grace back into His fold again. From Generation to Generation is a testimony of another more advanced in spiritual years; God’s grace does not taper off nor decrease with time.

- The Editor


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Regarding God as Holy
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From Generation to Generation
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Exercising Christian Liberty
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