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The joy of a Christian is the product of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22). It is at times an exuberant outburst of happiness because of the goodness of the Lord. At other times, it is a quiet but unshakeable heart delight in the face of horrific circumstances. In any case, it is a joy the world has never known, for it comes from the Spirit of God wielding the Word of God in the child of God.

The Believer’s Joy in God explains how God causes the believer to be joyful despite difficult trials. Joy in good times is common, but when one trusts in God and remains joyful through tough seasons of life, that is a marvellous testimony to the power of the Spirit in one’s life. Cancer? And God is Still Good is the personal testimony of a believer who has survived (at least for now) the dreaded disease. This is not your average cancer survivor story, it is not about a heroic will to live, but about the joy that God injects into the soul of a Christian who stays her mind on Christ.


A Tree that Blooms All the Time explains why we are to consider it all joy when we encounter various trials (Jas 1:2). Bible Thoughts is a short but weighty devotion explaining the joy of the believer, while Divine Promises is the prayer response of a godly saint from a bygone era.

Speaking of prayer, Church Activated concludes our three-part series on the ministry of intercession, that every believer is called to as part of the body of Christ (you may request copies of Fishers 203 and 204 for the first two parts). A Living Stone fills out further details of the privileges and responsibilities of the believer in a local church. Finally, Honour Your Father and Your Mother speaks of one dimension of the Christian’s responsibilities in the home, and has much to say to both parents and children.

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