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Death is an unavoidable reality. It is usually not long after a toddler learns to talk, that his parents have to explain the phenomenon of death to him. But while most dwell on the medical condition – the man stops breathing, his heart stops beating - the Bible explains the reason for death. Rom 5:12, “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned -”. The occurrence of death proves the reality of sin; the universality of death proves that every human being is a sinner. You are going to die, I am going to die, we are all going to die; are you prepared for death? It is Appointed for Man to Die Once springboards from this reality of death, to speak of the eternal life that God offers through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is one article you need to read; because for the one who believes in the Lord, his death is completely different. Precious Death of the Saints explains how and why this is so.


The gospel is precious, “for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Rom 1:16). As Christians, we have a solemn and urgent commission to bring the message of Christ and Him crucified to the world; our duty is to Cast the Net! We do this by praying for others, as the first article in a series of three, God Appalled!, makes clear. We also do this by sharing our personal testimonies, as the author of He Who Calls You is Faithful has done. If you are looking for a way to begin a conversation with a non-believer, why not lead him or her into a consideration of God the Creator? Created and Made gives you some ideas of how you can approach this topic. God’s Perfect Knowledge of Man is another concise but powerful article that can be used to arrest a non-believer’s attention, and turn it towards God.

Finally, here’s one for those who have always been intrigued about a popular Sunday School story. Did the Witch of Endor Call Up a Ghost? answers the question of whether Saul the king, on the night he died, really spoke with Samuel the prophet. I’ll leave you to read that article and consider the evidence for yourself.

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