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There are more printed Bibles in circulation today than ever before. Bibles are available on the Internet, in our mobile devices, in audio and text formats. No generation before us has the Word of God so readily available; and yet, perhaps no generation of Christians are more biblically illiterate than this present one. Is Jonah Still in Your Bible sounds an important warning to believers. We may not have denied the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture the way liberal theology has, but we have done worse – we have denied the Word of God any place in our lives whatsoever.

Conservative Christians have expended much effort exposing the popular errors of the day. This is right and good; but this issue of Fishers admonishes us to examine ourselves even more carefully.


Adrift warns us of the insidiousness of error, prescribing pure devotion to Christ as the only safeguard. It is this absence of love for Christ that characterises much of modern Christianity. Peter on Trial, Doing Your Own Thing? and Wise Walking in an Evil Era uncover some common traits in the lives of those who merely profess Christ, but do not fear Him.

When God call sinners unto salvation, He is seeking “true worshipers” who “worship the Father in spirit and truth”. This demands a life lived wholly unto Him. The Gospel message by which saves sinners is explained succinctly in Where Will We Find Peace? and Out of a Horrible Pit relates the life story of one who found this peace through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May the reading of the exposition of God’s Word bring refreshment to your soul.

- The Editor


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