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If you have been a Christian for any length of time, you will know that believing in Christ does not spare you from tears. There will be times of weeping. The question is - are those godly tears that flow from our eyes? David’s Tears explores the theme of grieving and lamenting before the Lord, showing that God counts godly grief as precious in His sight. It is based on Psalm 6; and the article The Choral Beauty of the Psalms gives us an insightful overview of how to read this hymn book of Scripture for maximum profit.

Yet, in the body of Christ, for every grieving Christian, there should be one ready to lend them comfort and consolation. Is There a Barnabas Among Us? challenges us to follow after the example of this Son of Encouragement in being a blessing to brothers- and sisters-in-Christ in need.


At the opposite end of this spectrum are those who destroy the church. Dangerous People in the Church - How Can I Avoid Being One? exposes the character of such people, so that we can both identify them and ourselves avoid being like them. On the other hand, Remember Those Who Led You teaches how we should be rightly related to spiritual leaders appointed in the church.

Christ Tasted Death for Everyone is a simple way to explain the gospel to non-believers. You can also let them read God’s Abundant Grace of Salvation, a testimony of one who has been gloriously saved out of her sins into new life in Christ.

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