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Some things are obvious, but still beg to be said: You are holding in your hands the 200th issue of the Fishers magazine!

Times have indeed changed since the inauguration of this magazine. Manual typewriters have given way to word-processing laptops; cyclostyle machines have been replaced by digital printers; brown paper envelopes have been superseded by clear plastic covers. But the Word of God has not changed, and mankind is not in any lesser need of God’s Word.

When one looks back at the history of ministry of Fishers, one cannot help but marvel at the faithfulness of God. Indeed, the following verses from Ps 127:1-2 come to mind:


Unless the LORD builds the house,
those who build it labour in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain.
It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
for he gives to his beloved sleep.

In the construction of any building, hard work is involved. In the defence of any city, alert guards are indispensable. But in both, unless the Lord builds with His mighty arm, except that the One who neither slumbers nor sleeps watches over the city, all the human effort will result in a vacuous emptiness.

Just in these two verses, the word “vain” sounds out ominously three times. It refers to a hollow meaninglessness, an utter uselessness, even a frenzied futility – “eating the bread of anxious toil”. If the Lord is not in it, all you have is tiresome activity, never true satisfaction of spiritual and eternal fruitfulness.

The Lord has been pleased all through the years to encourage the Fishers crew with glimpses of the fruitfulness of the ministry. We have tried to share some of these with our readers through the Dialogue pages of each issue. More recently, we have also come into contact – face to face – with some readers who have been blessed by the Lord through the magazine. How our hearts rejoice with the fact that the Lord has been pleased to use our frail efforts for his eternal kingdom.

And the Kingdom of God has always been the focus of Fishers, particularly as expressed through His local churches. We aim to be one local church blessing members of other local churches all around the world; Local Church Membership Matters surveys the general roles and responsibilities that every Christian has toward his local assembly, while the theme article Be of the Same Mind, brings to the fore one particularly important facet of church life – biblical conflict resolution. The church is but a gathering of redeemed sinners, and we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world by how we deal with our sins one against another – by forgiveness and forbearance. Positively, The Blessing of Hospitality shows us how to share the love of Christ – one sinner to another – with the family as the basis of the comfort and encouragement we extend to others. Knowing the Fear of the Lord is a call to the church to gospel boldness, sharing the same love of Christ, but with those who do not know Him.

In this issue, we have three testimonies. A Pair of Snow Boots recounts the Lord’s providential grace set on a cold wintry evening that started off as a bright sunny day. My Mother is a reflection on the grace of the Lord in the life of an elderly lady who recently lost her battle with cancer and instantly won entry into Heaven. Together with Please Don’t Cancel the Subscription, it is a reminder to us we do not just have opportunities to witness for Christ, we have a God-given responsibility to do so.

We do not know whether Fishers will come to a 300th issue. Longevity of ministry is not really our ultimate goal – fruitfulness is. We will be diligent, for God blesses all effort unto His glory. We will also rest in the Lord, for we are but labourers in His house, watchmen over His city. May the Lord be pleased to continue using Fishers to display His glory and extend His kingdom.

- The Editor


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