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Peter begins his first epistle with a phrase some consider strange, addressing his Christian readers as “those who reside as aliens”. At the immigration counters of any airport, if you are a resident of the country, you are not an alien (foreigner). If you are an alien, you are not a resident. You cannot be both. So how are Christians people who “reside as aliens”? In 1 Pt 2:11, the apostle repeats this strange term, “Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts …”.

The Christian is both a stranger and an alien in this world; he is in the world, but he is not to be of the world, he is not to belong to the world, he is not to conform to the world. Dare to Be Different sounds a clarion call for Christians to stand up and be counted for Christ, being clearly distinguished from the rest of the sinful world. In a similar vein, His Grace is Sufficient For Me is a personal testimony of a Christian lady who struggled to respond differently from unbelievers to a coincidence of calamities in her life. Sadly, however, many who profess Christ treat Him like The Abandoned Groom, and thus call the sincerity of their faith into question.


God calls us to be different, because He Himself is different; this is the main point of What Yahweh Revealed about Himself through the Ten Plagues on Egypt. The believer who finds it difficult to stand out as salt and light in the world should learn from A Man of Prayer – Moses, as well as another more recent man of prayer, Joseph Caryl, whose Bible Thoughts on Prayer still powerfully encourage us today.

May this issue of Fishers stir us up to make a difference to the world for the glory of our Lord.

- The Editor


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