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The doctrine of grace of God’s Election is emphasized throughout Scripture. Yet it remains a mystery to us as to how a holy God can extend His infinite grace to undeserving sinners like us as the theme article, What Hosea Knew about the Grace of Election, points out to us. God not only chose by Himself but for Himself to the praise of His own glory. In this issue we have a testimony written by a pastor, Chosen by God to be His Servant, to testify to God’s grace in calling him into the ministry. Another Christian shares with us her salvation experience to praise God for His wonderful work in her life in God’s Grace to Me.

We also included other articles which explain what a true believer of Jesus Christ should be: obeying His commandments given to us in His Word (Hand Washing), making restitution for sins committed towards others (The Precious Teddy Bear), meditating on His Word (Three Prayers in Psalm 119), and seeing things from God’s perspective (The Anger of Man Does Not Achieve the Righteousness of God). We pray that our readers will find this issue helpful to their spiritual growth.


- The Editor


In This FISHERS 197 Issue

Letters from Readers -
Hand Washing
- Christian Living
Psalm 119
Hymn -
God’s Grace To Me
- Testimony

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