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In this issue we would like to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to you through the article An Invitation to a ‘Wedding Feast’. If someone were to reject God’s Invitation by saying in his heart “There is no God!” the Bible labels him a ‘fool’ (Ps 14:1). The wisdom book Proverbs describes for us Four Families of Fools and you may want to know if you belong to any of them.

One of our members would like to share with you how he came to receive God’s Invitation and is now able to say, In the Lord I put my Trust. Another member testifies how God mercifully made her A happy Mother of Children after fifteen years of childless marriage.


The article Are You a Materialist? is a good reminder to Christians not to be seduced by the materialistic priorities of the world around us. And Does Grandma Love God? teaches Christian parents how to present God to the precious children He has given to them and how to present them to God.

May the Holy Spirit guide us in our daily walk with the Lord by diligently reading and meditating on God’s Word.

- The Editor


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Letters from Readers -
Four Families of Fools
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Does Grandma Love God
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Are You a Materialist?
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