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The Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament enumerates four kinds of fools. First, there is the "naive one" - an uncommitted one, wandering, drifting, without wisdom as his guide. Second, there is the "dull one" - insensitive to wisdom, uninterested in prudence. Third, there is the "foolish one" - he hates wisdom, despises wisdom, and cannot bring himself to stomach wisdom. Finally, there is the "scoffer", who arrogantly pontificates against wisdom, despising those who submit themselves to the rule of God. At different times in our lives, we have all been one of these kinds of fools. A Foolish Heart and a Wise Heart calls us to examine ourselves to see what we may be guilty of.


The wise man, on the other hand, knows he is not right with God, and seeks actively to be reconciled to Him. Read Seven Words from Another Cross and What We Learn From the Repentant Thief to find out how one criminal under the excruciating pain of the cross found eternal redemption in the final hours of his life. My God is Faithful is a more modern testimony, yet it points to the same God who saves, and does so wondrously. The wise man also pursues growth in Christ - Grandma, I Want to be as Tall as You makes this point delightfully - praying with the psalmist, You are My Lord, I Have No Good Besides You.

Let this issue of FISHERS be a mirror for you of your spiritual state. If you are not a wise man, ask yourself, "What kind of fool am I?".

- The Editor


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