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The Word of God declares, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Ps 111:10), but due to the depravity of the human nature, “The fool has said in his heart ‘There is no God.’” (Ps 14:1; Ps 53:1). The most foolish thing a man can do is to attack the very existence of the Creator in whom he depends for his own very existence. Therefore if you do not want to be a fool, fear God so that you may gain true knowledge and be really wise.

Our theme article ‘The Fear of the Lord’ explains what it means to really fear the Lord and how one should fear Him. But the Bible also tells us that one does not know how to fear the Lord unless he first has a personal relationship with Jesus the Son of God. The article ‘Our Seven-fold Relationship with Christ’ informs us of the different aspects of our salvation in Christ.


‘The Word of Exhortation’ urges us to perform our duties as Christians as well as incites us to obey the commandments of God of which showing ‘Brotherly Love’ is one of them.

The testimony given by one of our members affirms that our ‘Faith is of the Lord’ and not of our own will or due to any strong human persuasion. Therefore if anyone truly fears the Lord he will give all honour, glory and praise to God for saving him and giving him eternal life. We sincerely pray that this issue will be beneficial to those who are yet to know Jesus as their Saviour and edifying for those who are already in the Kingdom of God.

- The Editor


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Letters from Readers -
The Fear of the Lord
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Brotherly Love
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The Word of Exhortation
Christian Living -
Psalm 37
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