The Fear of God Tested


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The Fear of God is not a popular topic nowadays. Many Christians, in their quest to make church meetings and activities more welcoming and seeker-friendly, avoid this topic altogether. However, Scripture makes it clear that without the fear of the LORD, there can be no wisdom (Job 28:28), nor blessing (Ps 112:1).

In the first of a two-part series, The Fear of God Tested examines Abraham’s ordeal when he had to offer up Isaac his son as a sacrifice to God. Abraham passed that test, and demonstrated his fear of the LORD.


In Worldliness: Its Cause, Curse and Cure, we learn how the fear of God banishes a focus on things earthly and temporal. But as one ponders the thought further, one soon comes to realize that only believers in the Lord Jesus can truly fear God. Family History gives a fascinating perspective on the centrality of redemption in the whole of the Bible; Why Blood provides insights as to why that redemption had to be wrought by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus, while His Love Will Not Let Me Go is a personal testimony of one who has been marvelously redeemed. The one who fears the Lord also actively exercises his duties and privileges in Christian Hospitality.

May this magazine continue to bring praise and glory to our God, as it brings encouragement and refreshment to believers, and the gospel of salvation to the unsaved.

- The Editor


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The Fear of God Tested
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