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Do not receive God’s grace in vain (2 Cor. 6:1). This issue’s Feature Article “Now is the Time” is a clear call to us not to regard the Gospel lightly or to underrate it, but to earnestly use the opportunity today that God has given to bring the Gospel to those who are yet lost.

God has in the past used many ways to reach the unsaved. Can we forget how Philip was sent to the Ethiopian eunuch in his chariot? Or the extraordinary way in which an earthquake in the Philippian jail moved its jailer to repentance and faith in Christ?


But a few of the testimonies we have gathered, though less dramatic, are no less just as real and show regenerated lives. A Christian family article called “Dads, the kids need you!” brings this truth out in the home setting.

Let you and I not underestimate the good works that we can do each day that will bring those we meet into the kingdom of God.


- The Editor


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