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Forgiveness. Repentance. Easy words to understand, but so hard to actually put into practice. Speak to anyone who has experienced a serious hurt, a rejection, a mocking or even an abusive behaviour in the past. Anger or even revenge is always the easier option. On the other side of the coin, speak to anyone who has not known forgiveness. A seared conscience, and a hardened outlook on life, are always the easier options.

Is there hope? Definitely and positively, yes.


The obstacle to change is sin, or more specifically pride, which is manifested in a desire for self-pity and a refusal to confront the tough issue of reconciliation because it exposes our vulnerabilities.

Yet the Word of God’s teaching on repentance and forgiveness is truly like a double-edged sword that cuts even to the division of soul and spirit, for God knows our frailties precisely. Like Simon, we would limit ourselves to forgiving our brother seven times, but in the kingdom of God nothing less than seventy times seven times is the standard (Matt. 18). We would only repent if it is convenient to do so, but God calls all men everywhere to repent (Acts 17:30).

We hope this issue of FISHERS which discusses the various teachings, issues, and testimonies of brethren may be helpful. May the Lord use it to bring about healing to broken relationships.

- The Editor


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