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This has been one of the more endearing issues to prepare. I was going through a couple of old Christian magazines while waiting for the laundry to be over, when the Lord put it in my heart to pick out two articles, amongst others, that spoke on Christian motherhood. Then soon after a mother told me about a particular spiritual struggle she had. It then seemed apparent to me that the Fishers ought to focus on the way Christian mothers could be a witness for the Lord in the so-called "sand-pit" mission field at home, while doing the ordinary, and to most city folk, mundane and unsung work of raising children and maintaining the house.


Today, many of us, men included, have been brought up to embrace the worldly view that a woman should not waste her talents at home, but contribute to society by getting employment. For many, it is simply a need to keep up a certain standard of living.

In eschewing the delights and duties of being there for the family, we must then be prepared to forego also some if not most of the blessings that the Lord has for mothers, drying tears from a fall, managing a tug-of-war between the tots, sharing the delight of wrapping gifts, and we can go on.

It didn't require the power of Samson to save a nation; all it required was one loving heart determined to save a baby boy from Pharaoh's murderous edict, a baby whom God would use one day to deliver a nation from the bondage of slavery. Such superlative love is used by the Lord to compare with His love for Israel: For thus says the LORD: "Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, And the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing stream. Then you shall feed; On her sides shall you be carried, And be dandled on her knees. As one whom his mother comforts, So I will comfort you; And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem." (Is. 66:12-13 NKJV).


- The Editor


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