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Recently in Singapore there has been much controversy over the transparency and accountability of the social sector in its handling of donated funds from the public. How should Christians respond? I once heard a speaker at a conference say jokingly that he would remind his Board members to fear the wrath of God if they were to be found misusing the organisation's funds!

Christians should not be distracted from the higher issues by merely seeking to win public trust or keeping within the financial and legal proprieties. We ought to be concerned with being found trustworthy and pleasing to the eternal God. He holds us accountable for our stewardship of HIS wealth.


This issue focuses on Christian giving as one aspect of this stewardship, in the feature article entitled The Meaning and Practice of Christian Giving. Upon hearing this, do you instinctively reach for your wallets in anticipation that there must be some appeal for a worthy project or cause that the church is making? Or do you groan inwardly, and say to yourself that the speaker is out to make you feel guilty of not giving or not giving enough?

In fact, Christian giving is a blessed way of Christian living, as the author points out. It is the expression of our inner spiritual relationship with God, just as the outward expression of the fruit of the Spirit shows our maturity in Christ. As the article is too long to fit into one issue, we have partitioned it. Do look out for Part II in the next FISHERS issue.


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